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How To Fundraise With JAAGO.

Get your community together, organise an event…

By organizing an event in aid of JAAGO – whether it be big or small – you will be giving children in Bangladesh the opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle and create an educated future generation.

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Global Giving

Global Giving is a fundraising web site that gives social entrepreneurs and NGOs from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities.

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 CAF America

JAAGO Foundation is able to accept tax-deductible donations from US donors in partnership with CAF America. Please visit the Give Now page at CAF America’s website to get started.

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JAAGO Foundation UK aims to prevent poverty in Bangladesh by supporting education and community development projects to provide quality, free-of-cost education, medical support.

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Name Details
Bank Name Wells Fargo Bank
Account Name JAAGO USA
Account number 2639379177
Swift Code WFBIUS6S
National (Local) Money Transfer Code 121000248
Country USA


Your one small act of generosity and sacrifice can pull a child out of poverty and ignorance to give him/her a childhood to cherish.

Sponsor's Parents

I feel really bad because I never get the time to visit Sinthiya (sponsored child) much, unfortunately because of my work. I would really like to visit my kid more. I do tell people a lot about JAAGO. I try my best to spread the awareness and see if more people are interested.

Sponsor's Parents

Not everyone can take the time out to take an initiative themselves to help these kids, but when there’s a trustworthy organization like JAAGO where we can donate safely knowing that they will use the donations appropriately, a lot of people are assured and able to contribute.

Sponsor's Parents

I’m happy with the way they’ve been managing it because every now and then I keep getting information, report cards, wishes and so much more! I think I did this out of my social obligation and that everyone should do it. It’s nothing very difficult. It’s a moral obligation of ours to help these kids.