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Ankon Rajprodhan

৳ 2,000

Ankon Rajprodhan is a smiley child from Habiganj. His father Rasel Rajprodhan is a tea laborer and his mother is a housewife. His grandmother also lives with them making their household a family of 5. They are all dependent on the father’s salary alone though and recently, it has become a struggle to make ends meet and to pay for Ankon’s studies. Ankon still dreams of becoming a policeman though, and of helping his family and community. Your kind support of USD 27 / BDT 2,000 per month only can lead him towards his dreams. You may also support him annually by contributing BDT 24,000 (USD 324). Help him to accomplish his goals and lead a prosperous life. “Happiness is in sharing!”


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