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Kya Kya Wang Marma

৳ 2,000

Wang is a polite boy living in Bandarban. Wang’s goal in life is to become a successful officer of Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) and efficiently handle the administrative activities of the nation. Wang’s father, Uchasing Marma is a labor, and his mother Thue Sang Ma Marma is a housewife, having great expectations from Wang. Uchasing Marma is the only income source struggling day night with the hardships of Life. Wang’s parents hopes for a bright and successful career ahead of him. Your kind support of USD 27/BDT 2,000 per month only can lead him towards his dreams. You may also support him annually by contributing BDT 24,000(USD324). Help him to accomplish his goals and lead a prosperous life. “Happiness is in sharing!”


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