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Robi Shill

৳ 2,000

Being a part of one of the privileged societies of Bangladesh we sometimes fail to empathize with the hardships of many children like Robi. He resides in one of the remote areas of cox’s bazar with his father, Lal Mohan Shill who is a barbar and mother, Sobita Bala Shill who is a house wife. Despite of being born into this family with endless poverty, immensely hardworking Robi still sees the dream of becoming a teacher someday and getting the education he deserves. Your kind support of USD 27 / BDT 2,000 per month only can lead him towards his dreams. You may also support him annually by contributing BDT 24,000 (USD 324). Help him to accomplish his goals and lead a prosperous life! “Happiness is in sharing!”


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