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Donate for Corona Relief Fund

The world is currently going through a turmoil widely known as the Coronavirus pandemic. Countries all around the world are taking necessary steps to combat this virus which has affected and taken thousands of lives.

We at JAAGO have a larger role to play, and we’re rolling up our sleeves to serve our country. Raising awareness digitally and closely working with the Ministry of Education, ICT, and A2i to find solutions for millions of students who are sitting at home are some of our initiatives. 

Corona Relief Fund For Needy Families

JAAGO is also moving forward to help the marginalized community, the lower class families, who cannot earn during a lockdown in the country. We are raising funds and mobilizing our volunteers from Volunteer for Bangladesh to distribute rice, pulse, salt, oil, potato, common medicine, soap, sanitary napkins, and some basic items for them to survive on.

In this crisis, we are seeking support from you, – our amazing donors – who have always believed a better world is possible. Do remember, a small amount for you might be enough for a week’s meal in these families.

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