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Save a Life with an Oxygen Concentrator

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the world, we are constantly looking for ways to safeguard ourselves. Apart from good hygiene, we have all taken some extra precautionary measures, such as buying oxygen concentrators or at least heard of this being recommended. But do we know what they really are? And how do they work?

It is a medical device that delivers oxygen to individuals with disorders that affect their breathing. If the percentage of oxygen in someone’s blood is below normal levels, the oxygen machine gives them the oxygen they need. These days, COVID-19 infection reduces the oxygen saturation in the blood of many patients and thus creates severe breathing problems in patients. According to WHO, if the oxygen saturation is 94% or lower, the patient is hypoxic and needs to be treated quickly. A saturation of less than 90% is a clinical emergency. Many people are running to hospitals and as a result, there is the critical importance of medical oxygen currently.

The oxygen concentrator is the most needed medical equipment during this pandemic. It helps build a home clinic and assists people to receive home treatment for COVID-19. Two people can use this concentrator simultaneously. The way portable oxygen concentrators work is relatively simple. The machine pulls in air, and that air travels through a compressor. The compressed air goes into a sieve bed filter system that has two prongs. When the compressed air goes into the first sieve bed, nitrogen is removed while oxygen is forced into the tank. When the first bed is filled with nitrogen, the compressed air shifts to the second sieve bed. 

Unfortunately, there is a big shortage of Medical oxygen in Bangladesh right now. As we know, in Bangladesh, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and death toll are increasing day by day. Too many cases have put huge pressure on the health care system, leading to many patients dying without treatment. Thus, an oxygen concentrator can play a vital role in treating the patients at home. 

But not everyone can buy this on their own. For those who cannot afford this expensive piece of equipment, yet are in desperate need of it, JAAGO Foundation pledges to help them with it with your help. With MedAid being our technical partner and with your generous donations, our volunteers will distribute these oxygen concentrators to the people who need them most. Each piece of equipment can be used for a few days by an individual. Now is your chance to help someone in need and save a life! Your contribution would allow people to have hope and fight for their life.